Thursday, December 8, 2005

Favorite Holiday Books

Searching for Hanukkah books in the library catalog can be a bit tricky because of the variant spellings. "Hanukkah" will produce 59 titles (childrens and adult books and videos). Take out one 'n', "Hanukah" gets you 27 results. "Chanukah" turns up 27 also. I'm not sure it's the exact same 27. Such are the vagaries of the catalog. But anyway, here are some of my favorites.
Hanukkah lights: stories of the season: from NPR's annual holiday special (Fic HAN - with CD) is new this year, with stories from Daniel Pinkwater (author of the Hoboken Chicken Emergency and many other really funny, must-read kids books), Elie Wiesel, Mark Helprin, Harlan Ellison and others. Hanukah Money by Sholem Aleichem illustrated by Uri Shulovitz (who wrote and illustrated Snow, a wonderful picture book for read-a-louds this time of year.) The Power of light: eight stories of Hanukkah by Isaac Bashevis Singer, also a good choice for reading aloud during Hanukkah. And Celebrating the Jewish Holidays: cooking, crafts and traditions (296.4 KAL) nicely illustrated with photographs and art reproductions.

"Kwanzaa" typed into the catalog gets 19 or so results, depending on how you design your search. K is for Kwanzaa: a Kwanzaa Alphabet Book by Juwanda Ford (J394.261 FOR) is illustrated in bright, jewel-like colors. Kwanzaa, an African American Celebration of Culture and Cooking by Eric Copage (641.59 COP) in the cookbook section brings together the holiday and traditional foods.

Come see the holilday display in the foyer display case and be sure to ask the reference librarians for book recommendations during the holiday season.

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