Sunday, June 4, 2006

Who Do You Love?

This weekend, I discovered an author I like , Ayelet Waldman. I gave her Mommy Track myteries another try. A while, ago, the first one in the series joined the ranks of the unfinished books on my bedside table, but A Playdate with Death was pretty good, entertaining, easy to read, funny with a well-plotted storyline. After that I read her serious novel, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits which is an excellent exploration of maternal love; I recommend it. She is interviewed in this BookPage issue. It turns out that she's the one who caused a flap on Oprah last February about remarking that she loves her husband more than her children. I remember that, but hadn't put it together until reading the interview. It would be interesting to see if anyone would have a reaction to a mother saying she loves her children more than her husband. Is that ok, or more acceptable than the reverse?

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