Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Introducing the Book and other Library Videos from YouTube

YouTube videos about libraries, librarians and books, carefully selected...

Take a look at this wryly humorous YouTube video, Introducing the Book about a monk who doesn't understand how a book works.

Sensible shoes on the go! A video satire inspired by March of the Penguins:
March of the Librarians, Seattle Annual Conference of the American Librarian Association 2007

The Monty Python skit where the library board is interviewing candidates for librarian and a man in a gorilla suit applies: Gorilla Librarian If this is a violation of copyright, we will delete this link.

Conan the Librarian really gets very upset when books are overdue and patrons don't know the Dewey Decimal System. See also the Conan the Librarian website

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