Friday, July 25, 2008

What's New on the Non-fiction Shelf?

Joey Green's Fix-it Magic (643.7 GRE) is one of those books full of useful, and often surprising, information which is fun to browse through. The cover of the book promises, "MORE THAN 1,971 QUICK-AND-EASY HOUSEHOLD SOLUTIONS USING BRAND-NAME PRODUCTS." The cover also has bullet points of examples:
  • "Fix a broken dishwasher with Tang."
  • "Remove tree sap with Jif Peanut Butter."
  • "Eliminate soap scum with Pam Cooking Spray."

The book is arranged alphabetically by the thing that needs to be fixed: barbecues, bathtubs, books, etc. In the Cats and Dogs section, Mr. Green claims that washing a pet with Alberto VO5 conditioner will kill fleas and make his coat shine beautifully. According to the biographical blurb, the author has been on Oprah's show and other TV shows persuading celebrities to shave with peanut butter, clean jewelry with Efferdent and other zany fixes.

Enjoy this book, but it might be a good idea to exercise some caution when fixing anything valuable.

Joey Green's Wacky Uses website

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