Friday, January 9, 2009

Pooh Bear to Return after 80 Year Absence

In the best book news of the week, The London Times reports that the estate of Winnie the Pooh author, A.A. Milne, has agreed that a sequel be written. The third in the series about a bear and his boy will be released in October 2009.

In other book news this week, two movie book tie-ins already have a holds list at the library, Bernard Schlink's The Reader and Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road. The new paperback editions of the books both have pictures of actress Kate Winslet on the cover as noted by USA Today.

Looking forward, a memoir by First Lady Laura Bush will be released in 2010. The First Lady just signed this week with Scribner. Prep author, Curtis Sittenfeld, wrote the best-selling fictional version of Mrs. Bush's life in An American Wife, but readers will undoubtedly want to hear the inside scoop about life in the White House in what some call the most difficult and underappreciated of public jobs.

Spiderman fan President-elect Obama, will be featured in a new Spiderman comic to be released Januray 14.

And from The Guardian, we learn that in the U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has contributed a recipe for Chequers Steak Pie to a cookbook which will raise money for Help the Heroes, a charity which helps wounded soldiers. Each celebrity chef tells what he would cook for his own personal hero. The article notes that the PM has,
"also penned a hymn to rumbledethumps, a Scottish version of bubble and squeak, for Donaldson's School for the Deaf in Edinburgh."
Which just proves again that we are two countries separated by a common language. Rumbledethumps? Bubble and squeak? Yum?


Ellen said...

I thought only pettifoggers quibbled over the difference between bubble and squeak, and rumbledethumps.

Anne said...

Let's not brabble about this...