Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Dog's First Book

The nation's First Dog, Bo the Portuguese Water Dog who recently took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, already has his very own celebrity biography, in stores now! The New York Times reported this news on April 15, but you may have missed it if you were filing your taxes late or got buzzed by Airforce One in NYC or got caught up in the swine flu anxiety pandemic. So in the spirit of keeping our library patrons up to date on the really important issues of the day, and in the tradition of bloggers everywhere, we are stealing news from the New York Times and re-reporting it here for you. Bo, America's Commander in Leash by Naren Aryal was apparently prewritten and illustrated before Bo was selected as Chief Dog and then the appropriate breed and name was inserted to finish the book, according to news reports. Don't you wish you had thought of this? But it's not too late to get ready for future First Family pet acquisitions. Write a book about goldfish/hamsters/dust bunnies whatever and then when the time is right, get that thing self-published and start peddling it from your very own website. I don't know if Berkeley Heights Public Library will be acquiring this Bo title and I'm happy to leave that tough call to our children's librarian. When I used to be a children's librarian, I had to decide whether to get Madonna's books for kids. Well known author and role model that she is...

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