Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Much is a Library Card Worth $$$

As both a librarian and library user, I am pleased by the number of articles, news stories and blogs reminding everyone that using public libraries is a thrifty thing to do. Whether you are downsizing, simplifying, de-cluttering, embracing a greener lifestyle, or just being frugal, public libraries can help. If nothing else, libraries have the books telling you how to downsize, simplify, de-clutter and become more green and/or frugal. Purchasing any of these books would defeat the purpose.

Embracing this idea, I calculated my average monthly savings for borrowing 4 hardcover books, 4 paperbacks, 2 audio books on CD, and 2 DVDs. I am saving a minimum of
$ 80.00 on the hardcover titles and $ 35.00 on the paperbacks. As far as listening to audio books on CD, these unabridged sets start at $ 40.00 and go up to over $ 100.00. I am also saving on DVDs by eliminating a Netflix subscription or stops at the Redbox. The savings are significant over the course of a year.

When I become more technologically adept I will save even more money by not driving to the library. I will be downloading ebooks and audio books to my compatible ebook reader and MP3 through the library’s website. Saving on gas will help me recoup the cost of the devices in no time.

Although I consider myself a diligent library user/money saver, I must admit that I subscribe to eight magazines at home. I just can’t resist knowing that I can take my time reading the articles, looking at the pictures, fantasizing painting my living room that shade of green and making rash promises to actually cook the recipes. Of course, I always read the articles on downsizing, simplifying, de-cluttering and becoming more green and/or frugal.


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