Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Pocket Notebook

The Pocket Notebook

Writing is a very personal thing.  Everyone has their own style and habits.  Some write late at night while others prefer the early morning.  Some love to write out a first draft in long hand and others enjoy composing at the keyboard.  Whichever style personally inspires you is the right style.  For myself, I try to carry a small pocket notebook with me at all times.  I find it to be the writer’s best friend and you may agree.  In this day and age of the electronic handheld device, many people just don’t see the need to carry paper anymore.  But a good old fashioned pocket notebook can be a reliable and inexpensive alternative.  Carrying one with you can be helpful because you never know when inspiration may strike.  Ideas, words, and conversations overheard can always prove to be the trigger for a good story.  Hemingway said, “Nothing is ever wasted on a writer.”  By having that notebook with you, you’ll be able to record those sporadic inspirations and make use of everything.  A notebook can also be a great place to try out ideas or scenes before committing them to your story.  It’s a comfortable place to practice, outline or even jot down future titles and character names.  Best of all, while there are more expensive alternatives, a pocket notebook can be purchased for as little as 99 cents at a local drugstore.  You’ll never need to charge a battery and if you accidentally drop it on the pavement - it won’t cost you $200 to replace.


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Debby Buchanan said...

So true, Bob. I keep a notebook with me, too.