Thursday, January 24, 2013

Safe House by Chris Ewan

Chris Ewan, author of the popular series 'The Good Thief's Guide' cat burglar capers has now branched off into a stand-alone thriller based on his native Isle of Man. More serious in tone than the 'Good Thief's Guide' series, 'Safe House' starts with local island plumber Rob Hale calling on a remote cottage where Lena, a beautiful young woman, seems to be watched over by two shady thugs. She asks Rob to take her on his motorbike for a spin and they sneak out, only to have a terrible bike accident. When Rob wakes up in the hospital, the woman is gone and no one at the hospital, or on the local police force, will even admit that she exists. From there, the plot thickens and Rob doesn't know whether to trust the local constabulary who seem to be either incompetent or dishonest, the London investigator his parents have hired to look into the recent death of his sister on the island, or even his parents. Added to the mix are an assortment of bad guys - from Lena's fabulously wealthy oil baron father to British Intelligence agents to a radical and violent ecology group.
Mr. Ewan keeps the pace and suspense taut. Readers looking for a page-turning mystery with a hero in danger, on the run, and not sure who he can trust, will enjoy this thriller.

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