Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eat That Frog

Today's setting on the library Staff Room table caught my eye. No one is owning up to these wacky hijinks, but it seemed to beg for a blog post of its own. The book Eat That Frog has been floating around the Staff Room for a few days. In short, very short, it's a self-help book that advises that to get really organized and motivated at work, do the one task you most dislike first thing. Eat that frog right away and everything after that gets easier, plus you will feel so proud of yourself for getting the worst task done. Maybe a little nauseated, but still... it's nice to cross 'eat the frog' off one's to do list, right? I know there is more to this book. There's even a sequel called Kiss That Frog, so there must have been a lot of material to cover. The library owns both these titles and others by Brian Tracy. For a novel approach to getting organized, try eating, I mean reading, these books.

For more self-help books, take a look at the book display near the Reference Desk or search the catalog using the keywords 'success', 'time management', 'self-help techniques' and 'procrastination.'

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