Monday, October 27, 2014

New Craft Books

Craft Fail, when homemade goes horribly wrong by Heather Mann (2014) is a laugh-out-loud collection of pieces from crafter and blogger, Heather Mann who has immortalized those moments when the nifty little craft you saw on Pinterest and attempted to reproduce just turns into a lumpy blob, making you join the legions of crafters who realize, "I'm no Martha Stewart!"
Ms. Mann tells us that failure is all part of the learning process, an important part and a pretty funny one too as the examples in her book Craft Fail clearly show.

For examples of funny fails, take a look at her blog 'Craft Fail, where crafters go to fail'
and be sure to check out her book for more laughs.


Heather - said...

Thank you so much for featuring my book! I am so excited to be on a library blog! I'm gonna go write a status update now so everyone I know will know. :)

Anne said...

Hi Heather, you are welcome. We are big fans of your book and blogs here at the BH library. I don't think you will be seeing any librarians with DIY marbled nails anytime soon. So much work! LOL