Monday, March 2, 2015

Dreaming of Summer

I want tomatoes in my yard.

I also want lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, strawberries and pretty flowers and green grass. I miss all those things. As I was shoveling snow (again) from my walkway to get to my car so I could brush the snow off (again) and dig the snow mound left by the plow (again) I took a mental inventory of what I remember is buried under all that snow and what I will plant in my postage stamp sized garden patch this year. Tomatoes are first. I perused the garden books in 635 and found the tomato books in 635.6. There it was - American Tomato: The Complete Guide to Growing and Using Tomatoes (635.6 HEN). This book not only talks about growing tomatoes and eating them, it gives a brief history of the tomato. The plant is native to South America and was first cultivated in Central America long before it traveled to Europe then back to the new world to be grown in New Jersey. I know I will need compost for a successful garden so I plan on reading a few of the compost books in our collection. If you are interested in composting (and who isn’t?) you can find books on the subject in 631.87. I also found books on gardening in a small space (Grow Great Grub: Organic Foodfrom Small Spaces by Gayla Trail. 635.0484 TRA) and growing herbs to add flavor to next summer’s bounty (635.7).

Thanks to Melanie E. for this blog post. We are all really, really ready for summer. Take out a gardening book from the 635 section to start dreaming of and planning your garden.
Forsythia Hedge behind the Library - we are waiting
Winter 2013- 2014 at the Library
Winter 2013 - 2014

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