Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cozy Mysteries Set in Nice, France

What could be better than to escape from a rainy, northern climate to the warm southern coast of France? For a bookish escape to Nice on the French Riviera, try 'Not Quite Nice' by Celia Imrie or 'Toured to Death' by Hy Conrad. Ms. Imrie, a well-known British actress, has written a fun story of escapism about a divorcee and grandmother. Short on money, under-appreciated by her awful grown daughter and bratty grandchildren, Theresa decides to sell her London house and retire to a small seaside village near Nice. There she meets a merry band of eccentric ex-patriots, starts teaching cooking classes to make a little money and becomes involved in solving some criminal capers with a little romance thrown in. It's all here: beautiful scenery, fun friends, a new lease on life and a little adventure, plus a few recipes to  try. Read the review on 'We Love This Book' for a few more plot details.
By coincidence, the next mystery I picked up at random off the library shelves was also set in Nice, at least in the beginning. 'Toured to Death, an Amy's Travel Mystery' by Hy Conrad follows a group of mystery fans who have signed up for a mystery tour that starts in Nice and wends its way through Italy ending up at the solution in Rome. Along the way, a few people really are murdered of course. The mystery was rather clever and the escapist element of travel and acting out a mystery made this book appealing for a dreary winter or chilly wet spring.

Below is one of my favorite paintings of 'The Riviera' by Pierre Bonnard. His beautiful colors and paintings of dreamy vistas in the south of France are mesmerizing. This painting is owned by the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.

The Riviera by Pierre Bonnard, Phillips Collection


TripFiction Team said...

Enjoyed the Not quite Nice, a good caper in the South of France. Have also just finished French Toast by Anita Hughes, a glam romance novel, set mainly in Cannes

Anne said...

Thanks for your comment. I think you meant 'French Coast' by Anita Hughes. It's good to know about your blog featuring books set in various locales around the world.