Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Mrs. Brown by William Norwich

Mrs. Brown is a 66 year old widow who lives quietly in a small Connecticut town.
"Mrs. Brown was genteel. That's not a word used much signifies a graceful way, someone free from vulgarity and rudeness. Aristocratic in a manner having nothing to do with money, fame, and celebrity." (2)
While helping to clean out the mansion of the local grand-dame, Mrs. Brown comes across a dress.
"Lest there be any confusion, this was no "little black dress." ... It was the queen of little black dresses, the jewel in the crown. Mrs. Brown fell under its spell." (46)
Emilia Brown decides she must have her own Oscar de la Renta black dress with matching jacket. She does not have the money and she has never been to New York city, but she is determined to save money and travel to the Oscar de la Renta boutique in New York to buy the dress. This is the story of 'My Mrs. Brown' written by fashion writer William Norwich. My Mrs. Brown is  a charming little novel in the style of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson. In the book, Mrs. Brown is given Paul Gallico's book Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris which mirrors her own story. She reads just enough to learn that Mrs. Harris, a cleaning lady, also fell in love with a beautiful dress and was determined to buy one for herself. Mrs. Brown does not read the whole book because she does not want to know how it ends.
Readers of My Mrs. Brown will be drawn into this story of a quiet woman's dream and how it all turns out.


Anonymous said...

In the same vein of Little Black Dress (LBD), try "Nine Women,One Dress" by Jane L. Rosen. The story follows one dress from the pattern maker's table to the runway to an exclusive store. It is borrowed, returned, starts love affairs, and doesn't properly fit women who don't deserve it. Absolutely charming!

Anne said...

Thanks for the book recommendation! The library owns 'Nine Women, One Dress', but it is checked out at this very moment.