Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Sandbox: blogs from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

The BHPL Blog is two years old. In two years, this blog has explored many surprising new ways that the internet conveys news and information. Internet content is being generated by the users now more than ever before. Memoirs of war and writing letters home from war aren't new, but now U.S. soldiers can post their thoughts on blogs such as The Sandbox. Take a look at the website to read and feel the real story from the frontlines. Most posts to the Sandbox give a link to the soldier's own "milblog" (military web log) and each milblog in turn has links to what that soldier reads and links to on the internet.
The blog of war : front-line dispatches from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by Matthew Currier Burden (956.70443 BUR pbk) in the BHPL collection is one of several books in the library based on military blogs. A subject search for the phrase "Iraq War, 2003 -- Personal narratives, American." yields twenty titles or browse the stacks in the Dewey number 956.70443 area.

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