Monday, March 3, 2008

Oprah's Online Classroom Debuts Tonight

Oprah Winfrey, doyenne of TV bookclubs and all-around new age guru, is bringing self-helper Eckhard Tolle's A New Earth, awakening to your life's purpose to the web starting tonight. Anyone interested in joining the ten week webinar can register on the website (click on the link in the previous sentence.)
USA Today featured an article about this new cyber frontier for Oprah's book club stating that 700,000 people are already signed up for this class. Now that dwarfs the lecture halls of yesteryear! The article also quotes Ms. Winfrey,
"We're going to be streaming live throughout the world," she says. "People are going to be able to stream themselves back and ask questions. We'll go through the book chapter by chapter. And I think the interest will just keep growing."
Indeed, you can take that assertion to the bank. Aside from the actual title selection and content, the big news here is the interactive, online approach. Expect other book entities to follow and be sure to tune in to our own virtual book tour when Susan Wittig Albert visits the BHPL blog on April 11.

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