Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Circuit DVDs

"Circuit DVDs" always makes me think of circuit riders, and I imagine old-fashioned country preachers and judges on horseback with DVDs in their saddlebags. For those of you who have joined the circuit by paying a refundable $10 deposit, BHPL just got a fresh shipment in (not by horseback). If I wasn't so busy adding these DVDs to our computer system, I could give you more than just a list of some of the newer ones!
Venus (which got Peter O'Toole nominated for an Oscar)
Stomp the Yard (about fraternity stepshows at a historically black university)
We Are Marshall (based on a true story)
The Office, Season 2
Deadwood, Season 2
Year of the Dog (starring Molly Shannon, whose life changes in unexpected ways after her dog dies)
Wedding Wars (John Stamos plays a gay man!)
Two Weeks, with Sally Field
Seraphim Falls, a western
As You Like It by Kenneth Branagh

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