Monday, November 24, 2008

Book Blog Problem

We just lost all the November posts for this blog. I think I zapped them into cyberspace by fiddling around with the blogger software (specifically by playing with the "labels") so while we try to find our errant posts, I will summarize what I think we wrote lately.
Ellen wrote a really cool piece about a new online language learning site called livemocha and brought in a very creative analogy to a Ionesco play called the Bald Soprano.
Simultaneously this morning (a creative Monday morning) I reviewed the latest Alexander McCall Smith book which I just finished, The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday.
Recently I had posted about the National Book Awards and the Rutgers professor who won for the Hemmingses of Monticello.
Also noteworthy is that I managed to zap to smithereens my very own boss's recollections of her community outreach efforts while she worked at the Plainfield Public Library. Way to go to impress the boss!
And I also sent flying into that great cyber-trashcan of the blogosphere our reviews for the library book groups' books.
Aside from the feeling of embarrasment to have wiped out my colleagues posts, and some vanity about a few of my own that I worked hard on, I guess it's small potatoes to be unblogged or deblogged, isn't it?
We lost a few of those Reference Desk roundup pieces where we tell about the zany questions we get on any given day. People seem to like those.
But the point is that we want anyone who stumbles on this blog to know that libraries offer all kinds of nifty things, services, materials - virtual and actual, that you might like to know about. And it's all free. And we love to answer questions and help people with their research. So this blog is just one form of library outreach. And I just chopped off a bit of that outreaching.
Take it from me. Do not play with the labels in It will lead to nothing good.

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Google cache does a pretty good job if you want to reconstruct your old posts: