Saturday, May 30, 2009

Programs at the Library Today

This morning, Library Assistant Linda Raedisch taught a Native American beading workshop. Participants used the overlaid stitch technique favored by Woodland tribes to bead leather which they then sewed into pouches. The beaders were finding the work very exacting and the beads very, very small, but they soldiered on and enjoyed the project. There will be posts on the BHPL Children's Blog next week with pictures of the crafts program. For now, here is a photo of mocassins that Linda made.

This afternoon, John Stochaj visited with the 4-H Nifty Heelers, puppy raisers for the Seeing Eye in Morristown. Five beautiful puppies and their families charmed a large audience of children and adults, while Mr. Stochaj explained what responsibilities are involved in raising a pup for 18 months before it is turned back over to the Seeing Eye to be assigned to a blind person. A more complete story will appear on the BHPL Children's Blog next week. Meanwhile, here is Pepper the German Shepherd Dog who posed for pictures like a Hollywood starlet for the paparazzi.

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