Monday, May 18, 2009

Questions of the Day

Today someone asked me if we had any books on panning for gold, which he wanted to do on his vacation. I typed in panning gold in the catalog but got nothing. So then I tried gold. We have histories of the gold rush, but he really wanted something how-to or "geological" about gold. The catalog wasn't helping (in hindsight I should have also tried searching for something more general, like minerals), so I got up to take a look at the geology books (in the 550s). There I found something called The treasure hunter's gem & mineral guides to the U.S.A. : where & how to dig, pan, and mine your own gems & minerals. Unfortunately we just have the Northeast edition, so we'll have to borrow the Southwest volume from another library.

Another person was looking for audiobooks for an elderly man who has a short attention span. The usual 7 discs or more that most audiobooks have is too long for him. I gave the person several radio plays (just look up "radio plays" in our catalog) that are only a couple of CDs each. Since he was interested in history, I also suggested our Teaching Company history courses on audiobook, because there are a couple of lectures per disc.

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