Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lost Books on Display

The beginning of the month rolled around and BHPL's book display was due for a change. One of my colleagues said to me, "Why don't you do a display of all the lost books?" The book display shelves were sitting empty, so I thought that she meant all of the library books patrons end up paying for because they can't find them at home. Ha ha.

Then it turned out that she meant Lost as in the TV show about the survivors of a plane crash who live on a mysterious tropical island. Oops. If you watch Lost, you can quit reading here because you already obviously know that the episodes' titles refer to books, that their plots reference books (Lord of the Flies or Watership Down, anyone?). Or that there's a book club and a lot of reading done on the beach.

You can see a list of the books and their connections to the show here. It's a pretty decent list of books, with a lot of classics that you probably read in school, with a dash of bestsellers like Stephen King, Michael Crichton and Tim LaHaye. The L.A. Times talked with the show's writers about the books that have influenced them the most.

Next month's display: books seen on Mad Men. Just kidding. (Unless someone I work with is a fan, in which case it's a distinct possibility).

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