Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Displays in the Children's Room

Happy Thanksgiving from the Berkeley Heights Public Library staff to all our patrons and blog readers!
Enjoy our displays of Thanksgiving books, DVD's, audiobooks and cute stuffed animals upstairs near the Circulation Desk and in the Children's Room. Thanks to Ann-Marie and Laura for decorating for the holiday.
The In the News and Trending Topics Shelves
The Slat-wall shelf: Holiday Crafts
I am NOT posting the very funny joke, 'The Library Parrot at Thanksgiving' this year. But if you just can't get through the holidays without that joke and some other Thanksgiving thoughts this blog has posted over the years, here are the links:

The Post with the original 'Library Parrot at Thanksgiving,' a true, or truthy, story

The Post with the Poem, with a plea to use our Columbia Granger's Poetry database

The Post about how librarians get ready for Thanksgiving, blog-wise that is  

The Post about how the library is open the day after Thanksgiving and what we do and maybe you don't want to go shopping  on Black Friday...

A very short, stupid turkey joke, right here in its entirety for  those in a hurry to be amused:

"Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
drum roll please....
the outside.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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