Monday, April 28, 2014

Walpurgis Night Celebrations

Linda's Lanterns
Walpurgis Night will be celebrated on Wednesday night, April 30, so get your noisemakers and bonfires ready. Most importantly, to learn more about the "European Halloween," read Linda Raedisch's book Night of the Witches, folklore, traditions & recipes for Celebrating Walpurgis Night (Llewellyn Press 2011)

To see the rest of the 2011 post about local author Linda Raedisch's book about the traditional European festival of spring, click here.

Read our  book review of the 'Night of the Witches'
and our interview with the author Linda Raedisch.

After the winter of 2013 - 2014, a big celebration is in order!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fleur Tests the Waters

When the library closes at nine p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays, the librarians check that all patrons have left the building, the stacks, the bathrooms, every nook and cranny in the two-story building. We call out, 'library is closing' as fair warning because no one wants to be left behind in a deserted library at night. When we are sure everyone is out, we lock up and get in our cars to go home, but lately the extreme quiet that is a library at night after hours has been filled with the sounds of frogs croaking their little hearts out in the swamp behind the library. That's a sound no librarian wants to 'shush.'
Fleur the Frog

Berkeley Heights 1978: from the library archives

Berkeley Heights Public Library 1978
A promotional pamphlet for Berkeley Heights published by the League of Women Voters in 1978 has some fun old pictures that capture the town 36 years ago. For more images, click on this link to see our Picasa album or this link to see our Flickr album of images.
Governor Livingston Rifle Corp circa 1978

What's New at the Library? Use Wowbrary

Have you ever wanted to poke around the super-secret room at BHPL where all the new stuff is "in process"? Now you can, virtually. BHPL has teamed up with Wowbrary to provide you with a weekly email about all the new books, audiobooks and DVDs that have been added to BHPL's catalog in the past week. It's your chance to put a hold on a book, often before it even hits the shelf. Just click on the title you want in Wowbrary, then click Hold Request. To sign up for the email newsletter, go to the Wowbrary site.

Originally posted by Ellen in March 2009