About Us

 The Berkeley Heights Public Library Book Blog promotes library use by:
  • describing public library services in general, and BHPL's services in particular
  • posting original book reviews by the staff
  • providing genre reading lists and other reader's advisory articles
  • publicizing BHPL library programs in a timely manner and with irresistable style and wit
  • recommending best websites so readers can find authoritative information on the completely unregulated, appallingly commercial and often completely untrustworthy world wide web
  • previewing books to be read by the library book groups with links to literary criticism
  • covering Berkeley Heights local history and events and answering common local FAQ's
  • divulging what an FAQ is
  • entertaining and retaining readers with our zany, offbeat humor
  • effortlessly promoting libraries and reading with every post
The BHPL blog:
  • includes a sidebar of RSS feeds with constantly updated book, library and local news
  • is available as an RSS feed
  • has been on the web since 2005
  • is written by two reference librarians with occasional guest bloggers
  • is viewed daily by many, many readers worldwide who sometimes comment about things other than what they want to sell
  • is the best Berkeley Heights library blog on the web 
  • would love to hear from our readers
Photo: Swine Flu Pig sits on the Reference Desk promoting clean hands and pandemic information from the CDC. SF Pig was featured in the blog post, Swine Against Flu.
nb: Swine Flu Pig now lives in the Staff Room, but he left his huge bottle of hand sanitizer on the Reference Desk.
updated March 28, 2012