Tuesday, December 13, 2005

End of Year Best Books Lists

I'm trying to find as many on-line best books lists of 2005 as I can. If you know of one I've missed, click on "Comment" and tell us about it with the URL please. Or you can tell us what your favorite books of the year were. Comments will not appear immediately because I need to vet them first due to bad experiences with blog spammers. What follows are lists I have found so far, mostly for adult books. Every regional newspaper seems to have a list, but they tend to be the same books mentioned over and over, so if you find a list with a new and different point of view, that would be great too. The Metacritics Meta list is what could be called the Mother of All Lists, so there is overlap in the listmaking of lists too. The mind boggles.

NYT Best Books of 2005
NYT 100 Notable Books of the Year
Amazon's Best Books of 2005
Christian Science Monitor Best Fiction 2005
School Library Journal Best Books 2005 for children and teens
Seattle Times Best Books 2005
Salt Lake Tribune Best Books 2005
Metacritics Meta List

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