Friday, April 21, 2006

Weird Titles on the New Non-Fiction Shelf

The following books were picked from the new non-fiction shelf recently having attracted the library blogger's attention purely because of their catchy titles. To honor the product-placement sense of their publishers, here are three random new library aquisitions:
Love in the Time of Cholesterol, a memoir and recipes by Cecily Ross. PW writes, "Ross, food critic at Canada's Globe and Mail, chronicles the prelude to and two years following her husband's heart attack and open heart surgery." The couple are foodies who had to change the way they cooked and thought about food. If it can kill you, don't eat it. Next on the killing category:
Working With You is Killing Me, freeing yourself from emotional traps at work by Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster. The publisher's publicity states, "The solution is simple: Take control of your own response." I am tempted to say, "duh!" Isn't that the solution to everything really? I mean if you are in pain and you can control your reaction to the pain (ouch) then we wouldn't need pain relievers, would we? There must be something more to this book. And finally the most puzzling title, but the book has a really cute pig on the cover.
Lipstick on a Pig, winning in the no-spin era by someone who knows the game by Torie Clarke. Torie's publisher states that, 'Distilling her twenty-five years of experience and wisdom into eight concise rules, Clarke counsels that politicians and executives need to tell the truth early, often, and in plain language." ' Torie also gives "riveting behind-the-scenes accounts" from her years at the Pentagon and other Washington agencies. What rivets me is how she looks so young in her cover photo despite having 25 years experience.

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