Monday, July 10, 2006

Storybook Style Houses and Bungalows

Storybook Style, America;s Whimsical Homes of the Twenties by Arrol Gellner and Douglas Keister has circulated four times in four years but it's always on the shelving cart, which means someone is taking it out of the stacks and looking at it. It is a favorite of the staff, I know. Here is the book description from Amazon:
"In the tradition of the Bungalow series, here is a marvelous celebration of the twentieth century's most delightful and whimsical architectural style. Storybook Style, the rambunctious evocation of medieval Europe in American housing, was born in the early 1920s and almost forgotten by the late 1930s. It took its inspiration from the Hollywood sets that enthralled Americans of the period and that still appeal to our jaded modern eye. Half timbered and turreted, pinnacled and portcullised, these houses owed their fanciful bravura to architects and builders with theatrical flair, fine craftsmanship, and humor. In Storybook Style, architectural information enhances the stunning color pictures by Bungalow and Painted Ladies photographer Doug Keister to impart a wealth of information and enjoyment."

If you want a storybook style home but can't afford full-size, consider these fancy playhouses for lucky children.

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