Friday, September 15, 2006

The Week in Books

What's new in the book world this week? Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, has a new book out: Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose, (featured on the Women of Faith website.) Since she has access to the power and publicity machine of her husband's show, the demand should be huge, there are already holds on this title at BHPL.
The list of nominees for the British Booker Prize were just announced which are not as well known on this side of the pond, at least not until the awards are announced which usually stirs up more American readers' interest.
USA Today's Carol Memmott reports that Janet Evanovich has a new book out: How I Write: secrets of a bestselling author. Her Stephanie Plum series about the Trenton, NJ bounty hunter are so popular, this will sell by association. Many of her readers write to her for advice about becoming an author and so this book was born. It will probably be fun to read even by people who do not aspire to write.
And finally, our very own ex-governor, James McGreevey's new memoir, the Confession, is out and he will appear on the Oprah show next week. Present NJ governor, Jon Corzine, comments on his predecessor's book and TV appearance in today's Star Ledger: "I think Jim would have served himself a little better just to continue to go on and build his life. I don't know what's in the book, and I'm not particularly interested." Corzine went on to say in yesterday's radio interview, "I think that the stuff that gets off track and into, you know, prurience is not exactly positive for him or even the things he wants to have defended in public life."
What to look for in the near future: take a look at this preview of big name author releases this fall from USA Today's book section. Reporter Jaqueline Blais writes, "There is an impressive array of literary titles from Cormac McCarthy, Alice McDermott, Richard Ford, Charles Frazier and Thomas Pynchon."

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