Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Science Fiction Assignment

Lately local mothers have been coming to the Reference Desk with seventh grade progeny in tow, and the question du jour is: can you recommend a science fiction book for a class assignment? Yesterday it was further elucidated that the book should take place in the future and that the student is expected to create a diorama as the final project. I remember the mad dash to find shoeboxes in my house when my children had that diorama-in-a-shoebox assignment. It seems like for the sake of closet organization and the artistically disinclined student that a written book report should be an alternative format. But, as local public library reference librarian, we just follow orders that come from the school, just as parents, and sometimes even students do. So I went to a database called Novelist that BHPL subscribes to and looked up their ready-made readers' advisory lists by topic and emailed the sci-fi ones to this blog. Because of copyright issues, below a partial list can be found. To see the rest of it and to learn how to access and use Novelist from your home computer, please check at the Reference Desk.

"The following information was generated by NoveList.
Explore Fiction -; Science Fiction -; Post-Apocalypse

1. Armstrong, Jennifer The Kindling

2. Carmody, Isobelle Obernewtyn

3. DuPrau, Jeanne the City of Ember

4. Foon, Dennis the Dirt eaters

5. Hoffman, Alice Green Angel

Something about the books on this list:

What happens as the worlds as we know it, ends? The books on this list explore the possibility of life after an apocalypse.


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