Friday, December 22, 2006

Two Shopping Days Left to Buy Books

More end-of-year and best-books-of-the-year lists can be found on the following websites: Best of List 2006 What to Give/What to Get A Print and Save Guide for Grandparents to Holiday Gift Books

Librarians surf the net so you don't have to!

Here's a good reason to give books as presents that isn't mentioned too often: Romance author, Brenda Coulter writes in her blog, No Rules, Just Write: "No gift is easier to wrap and ship than a book. Remember that the next time you ransack your attic for a piece of Christmas paper large enough to cover a CrockPot". I've been meaning to add her blog to the list of links on the right... look for it soon.Her posts are brief, soothing, funny, with interesting tidbits of book lore or sometimes just musings on daily life.


Anonymous said...

What a treat to see a link to my blog on that of the BHPL! Because I don't take free books from publishers, I get many -- maybe most -- books I review from the Montclair Public Library. If you'd like to look at book on my guide for grandparents and the BHPL doesn't own it, the library staff may be able to get it for you easily on an inter-library loan from Montclair PL or another library.

At most public libraries, all you have to do to request a book on inter-library loan is to fill out a postcard at the checkout desk. This is a wonderful service that has enabled me to review a much wider range of books on One-Minute Book Reviews than I'd otherwise have been able to do. Thank you, librarians!

Jan Harayda

Anne said...

thanks for your advice about interlibrary loan service which is available to all library patrons from their hometown library. That is, Berkeley Heights patrons should ask for ILL's from BHPL, Montclair patrons from MPL and so on. The librarians track down the book, which is then shipped to the library and the patron is notified when the material arrives. This is a free service (except in rare circumstances) and libraries borrow from all over the USA if necessary.
I will put a link to in the links list to the right ASAP. Meanwhile, take a look at Janice' blog.