Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Born on a Blue Day

I'm reading Daniel Tammet's memoir, Born on a Blue Day which is excellent, but I won't review it here because I'm not yet finished. Mr. Tammet is an autistic savant, the subject of a documentary called Brain Man and came to my attention because of the profile on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago. His book is a rare look inside the mind of a person with Asperger's syndrome. Reading the book led me to his website Optimnem Blog which is not only an extension of his book in some ways but also his online store which sells language learning resources that he writes. He also wrote a very nice defense of libraries in this post, Libraries are Important. I like his succint way of expressing himself. By strange coincidence, the post was in response to an article by London Times journalist Helen Rumbelow, which had set me off into a rant in this blog a while ago. My reaction to Rumbelow's own rant was much more emotional than Mr. Tammet's. He writes very clearly and logically and makes an excellent case for libraries.

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