Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Colbert Reports on Book Reviews

I caught a rerun of the Colbert Report (5/9/07) where author Salman Rushdie discussed the importance of book reviews with the Comedy Central host, Stephen Colbert. Colbert introduced the segment by pointing out that several major newspapers have dropped their book review sections recently. GalleyCat quotes the show:
"Amazingly, the plight of newspaper book reviews got the attention of The Colbert Report, and last night Salman Rushdie joined Stephen Colbert in a rather entertaining exchange (which got Rushdie to call Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD "that book" in reference to its Oprah selection" and to admit that "no one bitches about literary criticism more than writers.")
As for Colbert: "If it's a good book, I had that guy on my show." '

The Colbert Report, a satire of celebrity news shows, features authors frequently and video clips of the interviews can be found on the show's website. Recent author visits have included: Bill Bradley, Malcolm Gladwell, Andrew Weill and Jeanette Walls.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quotes. Rushdie has a point.