Monday, July 9, 2007

Weddings - United States - Planning

"Weddings - United States - Planning" is the Library of Congress subject heading for wedding planning (when in libraries, always backwards, think.) When that phrase is plugged into the BHPL OPAC (ie: looked up in the library catalog: when in libraries, always use unintelligible acronyms) there were nine hits.
If you search the term "weddings" in Yahoo, there will be 140,000,000 hits! From this it might be inferred that while the internet provides large quantities of relatively undifferentiated and underevaluated information, libraries provide high-quality, edited, professional information, but less of it. Not that libraries compete with the internet, but the difference is good to keep in mind. Also, libraries provide humans to sort through and find information and the internet doesn't, even though Yahoo's directory is somewhat human-directed.
And finally all this means that weddings are BIG business in the U.S. these days. So if you want books on the subject, browse in the 392 to 395's on the library shelves. If you want websites, knock yourself out looking at those millions of websites.
For a title that is as exhausting as planning a wedding, try:
The best friend's guide to planning a wedding : how to find a dress, return the shoes, hire a caterer, fire a photographer, choose a florist, book a band, and still wind up married at the end of it all by Lara Webb Carrigan. 395.22 Carr

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