Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tonight at 7 - Jack Getze

Former L.A. Times staff writer Jack Getze is coming to the library tonight at 7 pm to speak and sign copies of his darkly comic novel Big Numbers, which is based on his experiences as a stockbroker in New Jersey. He will also talk about his experiences writing Big Numbers and its sequel, Big Money, and getting published by Hilliard & Harris.

Although they now live in New Jersey, author Jack Getze and BIG NUMBERS character Austin Carr both grew up on the east side of Los Angeles, and both share a strong affection for virtually all things of Mexican origin--particularly corn tortillas, tequila, the Cisco Kid, refried beans, crispy stringy-beef tacos, live mariachi music, and yes, even the donning of silly sombreros during certain celebrations in May.

Here's what they're saying about BIG NUMBERS:
"Jack Getze started his career as a newspaper reporter. As a result, BIG NUMBERS is lean and mean, with not a word wasted...A truly fun, genuinely funny read...Keep writing Mr. Getze, and for goodness sake bring back Austin Carr."
--Lisa Guidarini, Member National Book Critics Circle, for Bluestalking Reader
"Wonderful characters...well-written, entertaining...a good read."
-- Connie Anderson for Armchair Reviews
"A fun first novel and I'm hoping for a sequel."
-- Iris for Rediscovered Bookshop

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