Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Poem Even Worse Than Harry Potter Haiku

It's poetry month -
Check out our display.
Don't miss Lewis Carroll's
"Confounding book of genius"
The Hunting of the Snark;

Maya Angelou's Celebrations,
The book with On the Pulse of Morning
(The second poem
To be read
At an inauguration);
John Ashbery "revels
In the American vernacular"
In Notes From the Air;
Turn back to poetry with
Poetry 180,
Edited by Billy Collins.

On April 9
At 7 o'clock
Chatham poet
Marcia Ivans
Reads from
Her book OverEasy.
Call 464-9333
To sign up.

Watch poetry unfold
On video online
At Poetry Foundation
Even videos for babies.
You can find
Poems by category
Or occasion there too.
Or by poet
Or first line.

If Google can't find
The poem you seek,
The venerable
Granger's Poetry
Index is now a

Here is a
Harry Potter haiku.
Written by J.K. Rowling
Arranged by FactMonster
I hope you're pleased with
yourselves. We could all have been
killed—or worse, expelled.
—Hermione Granger

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