Monday, August 18, 2008

Frog Relieved Plainfield Avenue Construction Finished

The road construction on Plainfield Avenue near the library is finished. The staff parked on nearby streets or at the Church of the Little Flower on Hamilton Avenue during the construction. That's the big Little Flower, not the little Little Flower on Plainfield Avenue next to the library. There is a woodland path from the little LF to the big LF that crosses swampy areas and has a bridge over a stream at one point. Deer and other wildlife can be spotted by observant walkers. In fact it's hard not to observe deer as they graze in herds on the Church campus.
While walking from through the woods one day, there was a lady holding back a boxer on a leash. The boxer was straining over the embankment, looking intently into a boggy patch with a pipe sticking out of the water where a small green frog sat stone still. The dog owner told me the frog is there every day and her boxer likes to investigate. I never would have noticed the tiny critter if it hadn't been that chance encounter with the dog and his owner. And if it hadn't been for road construction, I wouldn't have been walking through the woods at that time of day. So the inconvenience of August road work had a positive side to it: frog serendipity.
Click here for local photographer, J. Gilbert's, N.J. wildlife photos on Flickr, including many of the common green frog.

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