Friday, January 23, 2009

How Good is Your Hospital?

Yesterday we had a patron ask if there was a free source for the ratings that assigns to hospitals. We've ordered a reference directory called Healthgrades Guide to America's Hospitals and Doctors. Until it comes in, you can check out This government web site has the same data (collected from Medicare and Medicaid patients) that Healthgrades uses to grade hospitals. You can find out general statistics, or statistics specific to a certain type of medical condition or surgical procedure, for each hospital.


Anne said...

Healthgrades Guide to America's Hospitals and Doctors has now arrived. The call # Ref362.11 HEA 2008.
It has a systme of rating hospital in various areas of care like cardiac, critical, general surgery and so on. It also has a 'Top Doctors' chapter that lists doctors by state and specialty. The BHPL Reference Collection has other books that rate or describe doctors.

Anne said...

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Anne said...

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