Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guilty Reading

Today two people confessed to me that they read light, entertaining books instead of the serious literature they felt they should be reading and were sure I was reading. This happens a lot. I suppose people admit to their dentist that they eat candy or tell their doctor they really don't exercise much and heaven knows what they tell their priest or spiritual advisor. It isn't just therapists, bartenders and police that get confessions of guilt. And there are all kinds of guilt, something for everyone. Food guilt, exercise guilt, shopping guilt and reading-dreck-guilt. Oh, and reality tv show guilt. But there seems to be something about being a librarian that makes people sheepishly confess that they really just want to read something light if that's ok. They approach the Reference Desk and it all comes out. "I like Danielle Steel." "I like Janet Evanovich." "I just want to read something to let me escape." "Something light, fast, not serious..."
OK, we get it. And guess what? Librarians read dreck too. Who do you think orders this stuff? The second person who confessed recommended a couple of light mysteries to me as we wandered around looking for something for her to read. So she went off with my recommendations for light reading and my bookbag sits by the Reference Desk, waiting to go - filled with guilty pleasures. I'll let you know if they're good.


Anonymous said...

People in food stores also admit to overdue books whenever they see a librarian.

Anne said...

You're right. I've had that happen too. Deep in thought about what bunch of bananas to buy and I hear someone's confession to the crime of overdueness.