Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Poem in Your Pocket Day

Lately much of the Reference Department's incoming email alerts us to the latest news about budget cuts to NJ libraries, so it was so much more fun to see an email pop up from our visiting NJ author, Robert Daniher. Bob's tone always seems to be upbeat and encouraging to aspiring authors and really to all of us, so take a look at his post:

"Thursday, April 29th is National Poem In Your Pocket Day. The concept is to select a poem that you love and carry it around with you in your pocket sharing it with others throughout the day. There are even national events held all around supporting the day where people can read poems out loud in front of others. This might be a little too much for some who are not used to public speaking. And let’s face it…who is?
This brings to mind a fun exercise for aspiring writers, and Poem In Your Pocket day is a perfect time to try it. Instead of carrying a poem you like to read, why not try writing a short one of your own. Just like reading different genres works to help you become a better overall writer, so does writing in different genres. Poetry is perfect for that. There are so many things you can do with it. You can write a colorful scene in a few lines that pinpoints a special moment, you can write a funny limerick or you can just write stream of consciousness and see where it takes you. You might be surprised with the outcome. Poetry is a very versatile form of literature. It lends itself to so many ways of expression and can really get the creative juices flowing.
I will sometimes write a poem if I am experiencing writer’s block. It’s a great way focus on another topic while remaining in the writer’s frame of mind. You might find that you enjoy it. So this April 29th try to write a poem of your own and then carry it around in your pocket. It will be more personal to you. Even if you think your poem stinks, you were courageous enough to try something new and best of all…you wrote!'


From 'To pull poetry from your pocket every day of the year simply go to on any mobile device.'

Don't forget BHPL has Columbia Granger's World of Poetry online linked to "Remote Databases" on our homepage

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