Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just Another Saturday at the Library

A lady who we helped sign up for a free Yahoo email account at the library a week ago has heard back from her friend in Japan. The friend lives in Tokyo and is OK but they have been losing electrical power.

Genealogist Tony Lauriano is regaling the audience in the meeting room with stories of how he found the maiden names of the women he descended from using various records. Church records brought to his attention a family member he had never known about because she died young, born and died between Censuses.

Mrs. Fuhro the children's librarian is talking about Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater with the children's book group. They are making penguins and icebergs out of clay and she is telling them, "Mr. Popper had a subscription to National Geographic and that's how it all started . . . "

Someone who saw last month's book display on solar energy wanted to know where all the solar energy books had gone (back on the shelves at 331 and 697). Miss Pettigrew's Last Stand and the dog mystery Play Dead were sought by others but they're out right now.

A lady and the circ staff wondered about someone who asked the patron why she had a library card. This question could be renamed, "Why aren't QVC and books purchased at Costco enough for you?"

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