Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Books about Murder Trials

The Casey Anthony murder trial has riveted the public for the past month and the not-guilty verdict was one of the most unexpected results in a famous trial since the acquittal of O.J. Simpson in 1995. If you like to read about true crime and murder trials, browse the shelves classified as 364.15 and 345.7 in the Dewey Decimal system.

If you would like to read about O.J. Simpson's murder trial to compare it to the Casey Anthony case, try these book or search for O.J. Simpson as the subject heading in the library catalog.
Without a Doubt by Marcia Clark 345.73 CLA
Outrage: the five reasons why O.J. Simpson got away with murder by Vincent Bugliosi 345.73 BUG

The library's newest book about famous crimes and trials is Popular Crime: reflections on the celebration of violence by Bill James (364.1 JAM) Best known for his coverage of baseball, Bill James has turned his fascination with reading about crimes into a book covering infamous murder cases.

If you like the CSI t.v. show and are interested in forensic science, try  The Real World of a Forensic Scientist: renowned experts reveal what it takes to solve crimes by Henry C. Lee et al (363.25 LEE)  Henry C. Lee testified for the defense at the O.J. Simpson trial. Read some of his testimony here.

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