Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Learning a Language On your Phone

Mango Languages is a set of online courses that teach over 30 foreign languages, plus English as a Second Language.  (Their offshoot, Mango Military, is used by military bases to teach our troops Arabic, Dari, Pashto, and Urdu.) Within each language, you have a choice between Mango Complete - a 100-lesson course - or Mango Basic, a shorter course for beginners.

If you don't have time or the discipline to sit at a computer to take one of the Mango courses, you can now take them on your smartphone or iPad using the Mango Languages app.  Why not swipe through a few screens of your current lesson, while you're waiting for your opponent to take their turn on a game? The Mango Languages app can be downloaded free onto Android phones and iPhones. The first time you use the Mango app you will need to log on. You can create your log on here.

If you'd like to get a quick taste of Mango, try the Pirate language course and you'll have your sea legs in no time!


Anonymous said...

This is very useful - thanks, Ellen! Could you, please, spell out the link to create the log on? It does not work when I click on it.

Ellen said...

Hi Chunmo, I have corrected the link.

Anonymous said...

thanks, Ellen, it works! I will be speaking another language in no time :)