Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reference Roundup

Some of this week's questions/requests:

Do you have a map of Antioch? The patron just finished reading a historical novel and was delighted to find many of the places mentioned in the book in one of our atlases. 

Please read me Joyce Kilmer's poem Trees. (Maybe I have the sensibilities of a third grader, but this is an awkward poem to read aloud to a stranger over the phone.)

Why are the library ebooks I downloaded via wifi showing up in Archived Items on my Kindle, where I can't read them? This is a good question, as our ebook provider says it's a Kindle problem and Amazon said in an email that the patron should use a USB cable to download the books. Finally, we called Amazon and they told us to hold the power button down for a minute. Once the Kindle rebooted, downloading via wifi started working again.

What is the size of the market for pressure vessels? See Composites World's article.

Sorry, what I really meant to ask was the number of carbon fiber reinforced pressure vessels for gas transportation.  This one's going to take a while ....

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