Monday, August 20, 2012

Reference Q & A

Q: Where is the DVD "The Secret"?

A: This turned out to be missing.  I tried using the Secret itself (focusing your thoughts on what you want to attract into your life) to find the DVD, but it didn't work.    

Q: I need information on the companies Menchies Frozen Yogurt and Yogo Factory.

A: We printed a report from ReferenceUSA on both of these companies. Searching for Menchies Frozen Yogurt brings up mostly franchises. To find the headquarters, I changed the "Verified" column to "Corporate Tree" and clicked the up arrow next to one of the franchises.

Q (from a telemarketer!): Are you moving or expanding?

A: I was tempted to say that BHPL is moving to Delaware, but in the end I said that we're not going anywhere.

Q: My Kindle won't download books anymore, even ones that I bought.  It's a first generation Kindle. Is it dead?

A: Reset the Kindle (as we learned from calling Amazon for another patron having this problem). Usually you just hold down the power button for 30 seconds, but for a first generation Kindle, you have to slide off the back panel and insert the sharp end of a paper clip into the "Reset" hole.

Q: I need specs on the 1998 Ford Mustang, specifically horsepower and the compression ratio.

A: Google led us to and another site that answered this question.

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