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Littel-Lord Farmhouse Museum

Flyer for the Berkeley Heights Historical Society
Verso of the Berkeley Heights Historical Society flyer
The Littell-Lord Farmhouse Museum and Farmstead, Berkeley Heights, N.J., 31 Horseshoe Road, Berkeley Heights, NJ is listed in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Places. The old Berkeley Heights Historical Society brochure pictured above tells the story of the farmhouse, its acquisition in 1975 by the township of Berkeley Heights and restoration  by local volunteers which was completed by 1978. The Littell-Lord Museum opened to the public in 1980. In recent years, the farmhouse opens on the 'Four Centuries in a Weekend' Union County event. The brochure for the 2012 open house describes the Littel-Lord Farmhouse as
'A pastoral site that includes a 19th century Gothic cottage, stone springhouse, summer kitchen, Osage orange trees and a pond... The charming rural complex is a rare reminder of Union County's agricultural past. Built about 1760 by Andrew Littell, a farmer and weaver, the house was owned and lived in for more than 100 years by the Lord family, who purchased the site in 1867. The first floor features an Empire-Victorian parlor and a 19th century kitchen. A staircase leads to an enlarged second floor, once a small loft. Upstairs is a child's room containing antique toys and a Victorian bedroom with cottage furniture.'
The brochure goes on to state that the Farmhouse is open on the third Sunday of the month, April - December from 2 - 4 and is operated by the Historical Society of Berkeley Heights.

The phone number listed is (908) 219-4715 which is the number of Mr. Merrill Main of Berkeley Heights, President of the Historical Society of Berkeley Heights.

For more information, address mail to the Township Building

The Berkeley Heights Historical Society
c/o Town Hall
29 Park Avenue,
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

If you are interested in volunteering for the Historical Society of Berkeley Heights, call former Berkeley Heights mayor and co-president of the Historical Society, Dan Palladino, at (908) 771-8875

Wikipedia's Berkeley Heights article mentions the Littell-Lord Farmhouse Museum

Four Centuries in a Weekend 2012 brochure has a description of the Littel-Lord Farmhouse Museum and other historical properties in Union County, N.J.

Map to the museum

Union County, New Jersey Genealogy 

From the Passaiack to the Wach Unks, a history of the Township of 
Berkeley Heights, The Historical Society of Berkeley Heights, 1977, can be found at the Berkeley Heights Public Library in the N.J. Collection along with other local histories.

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