Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Berkeley Heights Train Station

Berkeley Heights NJ Train Station ca 1920's

Painting of the Berkeley Heights Train Station

The Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, train station was built in 1888. The photograph at top was taken sometime in the 1920's according to the local history book, From the Passaiack to the Wach Unks (130). *
Last week, Sharon Perine came into the library and donated the framed watercolor of the Berkeley Heights train station seen above. The information on the back of the frame says:
'Watercolour (sic) by Jan Dee [or Gee?]
1971 "Berkeley Heights Train Station"

Ms. Perine said the painting hung in the home of her parents, Joseph and Michelina Pecca of Berkeley Heights for nearly 40 years. It's a lovely painting and we thank our donor for this addition to our local history collection. If anyone knows anything about the painting or the painter or has any comments at all, please click on 'comment' below this post and tell us about it. Or email the Reference Department reference@bhplnj.org

*Files of local history clippings and binders of photographs and newspaper clippings can be found in the Reference Department. Ask at the desk.

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Unknown said...

I love this painting. Apparently there were two views of this painting done, and the other one is in my home, for now, in CA. It hangs on a wall with great fondness, reminding me that my Daddy was carried by the Erie Lackawanna Train, caught in Berkeley Heights, going to and returning from work in NYC for each workday for about 20 years. Sometimes I would even walk to the station in the evening and we would walk home together.