Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pet Sounds by Quinn Cummings

Pet Sounds, new & improved stories from the QC Report by Quinn Cummings is a collection of the author's recollections of the various pets she has had in her life. As a volunteer at an animal shelter, and all-around soft-hearted person, the author often fosters kittens from the shelter as well as having a menagerie of old dogs, cats and the odd small animal for her young daughter in her small California home.
I count Ms. Cummings as one of my favorite humor writers. I follow her on Twitter and read her blog and I recommend her first book, Notes from the Underwire to many of our library patrons if they are looking for something funny, light, you know, GOOD! I've had a lot of satisfied customers because of her talents at getting readers to actually laugh at loud. Many thanks, btw, to our patron who first brought this author to my attention. That's the kind of book this is; word of mouth will spread the good news that you don't have to read depressing books to find good writing. I think all the dogs I've had in my life would recommend this book too, but first they might give it a little chew around the binding edges...
My Granddog, Reggie - would definitely like this book

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