Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Round House Redux

We have posted previously in this blog about a rotating round house in Berkeley Heights:
Click here for the post about the Berkeley Heights Round House

Recently a contributor to the blog, Round Houses, architecture, notes & musings, contacted us about the post and asked if we have any pictures of the house.
Our original post states:
'If you've never had the chance to see the inside of Berkeley Heights' Round House, you can take a virtual tour while it is still for sale. According to some information we have in a folder dedicated to Berkeley Heights' 'Old houses and sites', the round house was built by an engineer and can rotate 90 degrees to provide warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. After three rotations, the house was no longer rotated.'

Like the rotating mechanism of the house, the link to the 'virtual tour' no longer works. Probably the real estate agency that put the slideshow up for the 2008 sale of the house, took it down after a period of time. Luckily, Ellen, who wrote the post, printed out the photographs from the website and put them in our 'Old Houses and Sites' binder. I scanned the photos and other documents that we have in our archives about the house and emailed them to the 'Round Houses' blogger.
We hope the 'Round Houses' bloggers post about our town's very own round house, but meanwhile, here are several photographs and a document from our vertical file (aka: archive.)
You can see these images and more about the Berkeley Heights Public Library and the Township of Berkeley Heights on our Flickr account and on the 'Local Information' page of our website.

Exterior of Round House from realtor's page

Information from 'Old Houses & Sites' archive
Questions about the Berkeley Heights Round House are not exactly 'Frequently Asked Questions,' but would fall into that category of quirky local history and factoids that most librarians know about their community.
Page from the 'Old Houses & Sites' archive
Interior of Round House with fireplace

Interior of Round House with stairs

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