Monday, February 26, 2018

Book Art at the Morris Museum

Remember the turkey made out of a book that the library had on display around Thanksgiving? Or the recycled-book hedgehog at the circulation desk? If you'd like to see book art while the library is closed, the Morris Museum has an exhibition, Book Art: A Novel Idea. If you can't make it in person, News 12 New Jersey covered the exhibit, which is in its last week, ending March 4.
Detail from The Interchangeable Dictionary by Doug Beube, 2014.
James Allen's book excavations are on display. He wrote that "Carving into a book takes away the original linear format so that instead of looking at one page at a time we can contemplate many of the images and words within a book in a single relief sculpture." 

Church of Our Fathers by James Allen

The exhibit features Julie Dodd's Fungal Spores. Check out her website for better photographs than I could take.
Works by Julie Dodd, including Fungal Spores

Brian Dettmer, the Book Surgeon, has carved book sculptures on display, including a huge artwork made from a recycled encyclopedia. You may have seen his TED Talk, Old Books Reborn as Art.

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