Thursday, October 26, 2006

Books on a Desert Island

"What books/food/music would you take if you were sent to a desert island?" Is that a question you have ever considered or posed? On Nancy Pearl's website, Booklust, there is a section called Desert Island Books which features lists posted by readers of the ten books they would take with them if stranded on that proverbial island. Nancy Pearl, of course, is the rock-star famous librarian and readers' advisor extraordinaire whose "Librarian Action Figure" has taken the world of majorly geeked out bibliophiles (read: librarians for one) by storm. I can say that because I travel in those circles myself. The rule of politically incorrect comments seems to be that you can diss a group if you are of that group, so don't email any outraged comments about stereotyping librarians, please. But, back to desert island books, you can add your own list to Nancy Pearl's site or you can click on "comment" at the end of this post and post your list here.
You can cheat by saying which AUTHOR's books you would take if you want, but then it's only fair that you can only take one author's works. To answer my own question - I would choose P.G. Wodehouse, my favorite writer, a very prolific one and one whose works would definitely keep me distracted from the harsh realities of life on a desert island. I would feel guilty about not choosing Shakespeare, but should a person feel book-guilt when in exile?

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